Dundee Marine Boat Repairs Maintenance
  • Fully equipped shipyard with all dry docking essentials
  • Specifically designed and built to bridge the gap between large scale multi-national shipyards and small scale local owned shipyards
  • Slipway: 1 no. 39m x 190m with 2 nos. 13m x 63m cradles
  • Office Block with Workshop: 1 no. 60m x 24m with overhead crane
  • Workshop: 1 no. 50m x 18m with gantry crane
  • Wet Berths: approx. 230m total length
  • Open yard
  • Crawler Cranes: 1 no. 120 tons + 1 no. 135 tons
Dundee Marine Slipway


  • Biggest in Singapore (39m x 190m)
  • Able to pull vessels up to dry land for repairs and maintenance
  • 24/7 dry, regardless of tide
  • Serviced by 1 no. 135 ton crawler crane
  • 2 nos. 13m x 63m cradles for vessels up to 95 metres LOA

Dundee Marine Shark 39M Ship Building


  • 2 storey office block for administrative and design office
  • 16m x 18m machine shop for precision machining and fabrication works
  • Balance area for aluminium boat building
  • 10 tons overhead crane
  • Size: 24m x 60m
  • Suitable for building 2 boats up of 40 metres length

Shark 39 M Dundee Marine


  • Newly built for aluminium boat building
  • 15 tons gantry crane
  • Modern design with LED lightings for energy efficiency
  • Size: 50m x 18m
  • Suitable for building 1 boat up of 45 metres length

Dundee Marine Barge Repair


  • Berthing of vessels for repair and conversion works
  • 5.5 metres deep at chart datum
  • Total length approx. 230m
  • Able to berth more than 15 vessels at 1 time, depending on vessels’ size
  • Serviced by 1 no. 120 tons crawler crane
  • Suitable for vessels up to 95 metres length
  • 1 of the deeper draft berthing facility in Singapore for small/ medium sized shipyard

Dundee Marine Open Yard Crane


  • Docking of small boats, lifted to dry land by crawler crane
  • Able to dock up to 4 small boats at 1 time
  • Fabrication of offshore and marine structures
  • Full concrete flooring