ship repair
Dundee Marine Slipway Tankers Crew Boats
  • Our specially designed slipway is key to our success in ship repair and conversion.
  • Biggest slipway in Singapore – vessels that we are unable to pull up to dry land have to go to larger scale shipyards, where overheads are much higher.
  • We have up-slipped many deep draft vessels that other slipways in Singapore are incapable of up slipping.
  • Our ship repair and conversion activities are carried out on our slipway, our open yard and our berthing facility vessels.
  • The slipway is used for pulling up vessels (20 metres length to 95 metres length) to dry land for works on the underwater part of the vessels.
  • The open yard area is dry docking of smaller vessels (10 to 20 metres), lifted to dry land by crane.
  • The berthing facility is used for alongside works, for vessels that does not require dry docking or for continuation of works after dry docking.
  • We undertake a wide range of repair and conversion activities, including periodical dry docking maintenance of ships according to Class Survey requirement, grounding and emergency repairs, deck machineries, hull and piping renewals, shafting and steering systems, etc.